President’s Message

Lakehead Fundraising Association 2018

President’s Message

It is with warmth in my heart that I say welcome to 2018. Congratulations to all on another successful year of fundraising and delivering much-needed programs and services to Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario. I feel so privileged to be able to work alongside such a talented and dedicated group of individuals, and am continuously inspired by the work each of you do in our community.

As President of the Lakehead Fundraising Association, I have felt a particular passion for producing accessible content for you, our members, and in developing an engaged network of fundraising professionals throughout our region. It is so important for each of us to continue to learn and develop our range of skills and knowledge as we move forward in our career, and I hope that you will take advantage of what being a member of the LFA has to offer.

This year, as part of our new mandate, the Board of Directors will be bringing you a wealth of education, engagement and inspiration from the most creative local influencers, as well as networking, collaboration and volunteer opportunities with fundraisers here in Thunder Bay and in Northwestern Ontario. It will be a jam-packed year, and I encourage each of you to consider participating, either by attending a workshop, volunteering on a committee, or mentoring one of your peers – there are endless possibilities to being an engaged member of the LFA.

It is true that it is not the role of the fundraiser to be praised for the work that you do, but it is true that you are the hidden heroes of our community that inspire people to give of their time, energy, and money. For that I say thank you, and I hope that you continue to create that inspiration here at home and in the region.

We are so fortunate to live in Thunder Bay, a hub of health, science, education, culture and the arts. It is because of you, our fundraisers and champions, that we have access to the range of programs and services that we do. It is because of you that we are able to affect change in our community. It is because of you that people’s lives are made better. Thank you for your role in creating a better community for us all.

“It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”

~Kahlil Gibran

Stephanie Paxton

President, Lakehead Fundraising Association

Development Officer, Thunder Bay Art Gallery